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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 00:06
Reverend Hakuga Murayama 

For UN Vesak Day 2019

On behalf of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY), I would like to convey my sincere congratulations for the auspicious occasion of the 16th UNDV 2019 Celebrations and Academic Conference.

Since Vietnam hosted the 5th and the 11th United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations in 2008 and 2014 respectively, this is the third time the UNDV is held in Vietnam. I would like to express my respect to Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Brahmapundit, the President of International Council for Day of Vesak, also the President of International Association of Buddhist Universities, and Most Ven. Dr. Thich Thien Nhon, the President of United Nations Day of Vesak Celebration 2019 and also the President of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, for their contribution in propagation of Buddhism. I also would like to congratulate the people of Vietnam and everyone who made this special event possible.

The theme of the Academic Conference is ‘Buddhist Approach to Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Sustainable Societies. Based on this theme, the participants will discuss global peace, social stability and sustainability, and the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Buddhist population. The members of the WFBY often discuss social sustainability and also have held a forum on SDGs in the past. I am convinced that this conference would lead great result on this timely theme for society and the world.

In Japan, we hold ‘Hana Matsuri’ a flower festival around the same time as UNDV to celebrate the birth of Buddha and pray that children will grow healthily. Every year, All Japan Young Buddhist Association to which I belong, organize a big ceremony named  ‘Hana  Matsuri  Sensou  Houyou’  (Flower  Ceremony  with


1000 monks) as Vesak. 1000 monks gather together in the World Heritage Todaiji temple and pray from the bottom of their hearts for world peace.

Here on earth, human beings are coexisting with all kinds of different cultures, customs and manners. It is our responsibility to better understand the diverse nature of the world today and to continue building the world Buddhist community.

Lastly, I sincerely hope the UNDV 2019 will become a wonderful opportunity for the Buddhists of different schools, races, and nations to unite to help build more compassionate world and help people to be with each other in the Dharma.

Reverend Hakuga Murayama 
President of World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth

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