4.9. Bangladesh - Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha

Chủ nhật - 12/05/2019 02:42
Ven. Bodhimitra Mahathero

For UN Vesak Day 2019

It is my great pleasure and privilege to extend my warmest Congratulations on the occasion of the 16th United Nations Day of Vesak Celebration 2019 in Vietnam which is going to be organised by the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha at the Tam Chuc International Buddhist Convention Center in the Ha Nam Province, Vietnam from 12” – 14th May 2019. The most significant Vesak Day Commemoratory Trice sacred events of Siddhatas Birth, Enlightenment and great Passing away offers an opportunity to the Buddhist all over the world to engage in ritualistic offerings to observe these historical events with religious fervor and sanctity.

The main theme for the 2019 UNDV ‘Buddhist Approach to Global leadership and shared Responsibilities for Sustainable Societies refer to a noble human approach which is greatly needed for the formation, implementation and execution of global leadership in its proper perspective. Todays world leadership has become a victim of political unrest and chaotic environment to a great extent. Terrorism, suppression and oppression are at a vulnerable situation which prevents people and leaders of different nations and sates from taking rightful approach in establishing peace tree from greed, hatred and violence Buddhas Non-violence and the principles of Panchasila are genuinely felt and needed for deserving the great values and ideals of Metta Karuna, Mudita and Upekka which help grow global leadership, promote and establish global peace. Proper steps should be taken for imbuing people with the inspiration of Buddhist Approach to Global Education in Ethics for example; we should do the good deeds tor the benefit of human beings as well as all living beings. Simultaneously we must keep ourselves free from doing evil deeds.


By keeping Buddhas saying contentment is the prime wealth’ in mind and keeping the sources of income and consumption in a good and prospective consideration, a responsible and wise effort should be taken for sustainable development and for building a mindful leadership lot sustainable peace. Respected leaders, delegates and patriarch of this conference should take a vow of working hand in hand for establishing sustainable development and world peace. In this regard people must understand and help one another morally. Hence there will he the possibility of making a good environment of love and compassion where people will live peacefully and happily.

Wishing a grand success of 16th UNDV Vesak Celebration in Vietnam.

May all living beings be happy.

Ven. Bodhimitra Mahathero
Secretary General

Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha

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