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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 01:36
Ven. Dr. Akuratiye Nanda Nayaka Mahathera
For UN Vesak Day 2019

Congratulatory Message for UN DayVesak Celebration 2019 in Vietnam I fell greatly honoured and much privileged to be invited to send a congratulatory massage on the occasion of the celebration of the 16th Anniversary of this epoch making event.

This time too the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha is shoul- dering the responsibility of holding the 16th Anniversary Cele- bration of this great event. The location you have chosen for this great event is Tam Chuc International Convention Centre, Ha Nam Province, which is very beautiful calm area. This time you have been chosen a timely theme namely “Buddhist approach to global Lead- ership and shared responsible Societies.This is third time that the anniversary celebration is being conducted in Vietnam and going by precedent we are quite certain that the NVBS will organize and conduct this celebration with great solemnity, sanctity as well as utility religious pomp and majesty this celebration deserves.

The celebration of this great event can be made conducive to focus the attention of the world population in the right direction of fostering mutual understanding, collective sustainable development, harmony, peace and cooperation. The collective strength of the Buddhist world should be harnessed to make the world much congenial place to live.

I very earnestly hope and sincerely wish that the NVBS with this celebration of the 16th Anniversary will take the lead in showing this right direction to the world.

I wish this 16th Anniversary of UN Vesak Day celebration all success.

Ven. Dr. Akuratiye Nanda Nayaka Mahathera
Member of ICDV, Vice President, World Buddhist Sangha Coun-
cil,T he Chief Prelate of Western Province of SriLanka, Former
Vice Chancellor of BPU, SriLanka.

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