4.24. Czech Republic - The Rabten Choedarling, Centre for Tibetan Buddhistic Studies

Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 21:39
Bhikshu Sonam Lundrup

For UN Vesak Day 2019

Most respectful Masters, Venerable Dharma brothers, sisters and friends,

I feel honnoured to send in name of the Centre for Tibetan Buddhistic Studies Rabten Choedarling in Czech Republic our Congratulation Message for the 16th United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations which takes place in beautiful Vietnam again.

In October 2004 was Czech Republic and our temple blessed by visit of Holy Buddha relics as last 30th country in their tour around the world which was organized by United Nations in mark of recognition of Vesak Day as international important celebration. I believe, that thanks to blessing from the presence of Holy Buddha relics in our temple the noble Dharma slowly spread also in our country in the heart of Europe.

I had opportuninty already contributed on the 11th United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations in Bai Dinh temple, Ninh Binh, Vietnam in 2014 and I find this very international gathering of Lord Buddha followers as wonderful, meaningful and very auspicious. We all, Buddhists from different cultures, countries and traditions belongs to one big family of our Father, fully enlightened Buddha Shakyamuni, and Vesak, which commemorate the three most important activities of Tathagata is the best opportunity meet together, celebrate it together, meditate together, pray together and create strong friendship between us in base of our personal contacts.

Thanks to this meeting we have the best chance to see that difference in our way of practice of the holy Dharma are small and the most important and the biggest part of our practice is still same in all Buddhist tradition even more as 2500 years after Lord Buddhas presence on this world. This can brings real friendship, real brotherhood and real feeling of one big family and I think that


this is the most important contribution of our wonderful Buddhist family to world peace, harmony and happiness.

Thank You all and especially organizators very much and wish to You all beautiful Vesak.

Bhikshu Sonam Lundrup
The Rabten Choedarling - Centre for Tibetan Buddhist Studies
Liberec - Czech Republic

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