4.19. Chile - Espacio MED

Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 22:01
María Elena Donoso Espacio

For UN Vesak Day 2019

It is an honor to express my thankfulness and congratulatory feelings for the effort in organizing such a magnificent event once again.

There is no doubt that the main themes that have been brought about at the Celebrations and Conferences all these years have contributed to a wider understanding and presence of the Buddhist Proposal to humankind in every realm.

Moreover, it is quite meaningful to have the opportunity to convey a deep appreciation for the work that has been done to bridge the huge geographical distance between Asia and South America. Please receive sincere thanks for sharing these valuable topics.

Wishing the most successful celebrations and progress in the spreading of the Buddhist Message today.

María Elena Donoso Espacio, MED
Santiago, Chile

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