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Thứ sáu - 10/05/2019 22:32
Luciano José Duque Fasinda


For UN Vesak Day 2019

The Buddhist approach towards sustainable society in preparation for the Fourth Revolution must overcome the mindset of the First, which was based on religious and moral motivations successfully managed by countries such as Great Britain, Germany and Hollands Protestantism, afterward extended to Anglo-Saxon America, whereas Catholicism lagged behind in countries like Spain and Portugal, which Latin America then inherited. Labor as a fundamental asset, according to Protestantism, prevailed over the catholic consideration of a punishment as a result of the original sin. Furthermore, the protestant approach, correct in its premise, committed the error of carrying the prevalence of faith despite the works, which led to an unjust and unsustainable society. “Justification through faith” claims that man will only be saved through his faith and not by his works, mentalizing the idea that even the selfish will be saved if they have faith. Since genetic engineering and neurotechnology will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, inequality will increase, and the sole survivors will be the ones capable of innovating and adapting. The technological Darwinism will prevail controlled by technocrats, who will make changes under the premise justification for its values” using the same principle of justification through faith. Fortunately, it is emerging Asian countries, some mostly Buddhist or with a strong Buddhist presence in others, the ones that have overtaken the West, and it is towards them that the Buddhist approach must be directed.

Each Venerable Bhikkhu must remind leaders that we are all ruled by the Kamma which rewards good actions and punishes wrongdoing. In order for a society to be sustainable individual freedom and human rights must be respected; education, health, 
water and shelter must be provided to the majority; marginal social groups must be taken care of; cultural heritage and its diversity must be protected; nature and biodiversity must be cared for; and the development of energy sources which promote environmental protection and promotion of peace as a path to problem solutions must be encouraged.
Luciano José Duque Fasinda
Instituto De Estudios Buddhistas Hispano


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