4.101. Uganda - Makerere University

Thứ sáu - 10/05/2019 23:10
Dr. Peter Waiswa

For UN Vesak Day 2019

I have the pleasure to extend my sincere message of goodwill to the Most Venerable Dr. Thich Nhat Tu, the chief Convenor, the organisers and delegates from all over the World on this occasion of the United Nations Day of the Vesak that is to be held from 12 to 14 May 2019 in Vietnam. In view of the conference theme and topics, I am happy to state that; they are well founded, show real challenges to humanity today and the  responsibilities  at hand that stakeholders ought to confront in order to find durable solutions for all to pursue, reduce human afflictions and promote sustainable wellbeing and prosperity for all. And the wellbeing of the family through recommended health behaviours is sure way of guaranteeing existence and sustainable health benefits if future societies. Yet, this also reminds us that only healthy bodies can be productive in this industrial era and ensure a healthy environment, with mindful leadership at the beginning and end of that all. Kindly accept my profound congratulations to you for organising this noble event and best wishes towards your overall mission of liberating mankind to live purposefully for own good.

Dr. Peter Waiswa (MD, MPH, PhD),
Associate Professor in the Dept of Health Polic
Planning and Management
Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda

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