3. 11. Supreme Head of the Sakyapa Order of Tibetan Buddhism

Chủ nhật - 12/05/2019 03:42
His Holiness The Gongma Trichen

For UN Vesak Day 2019

I greatly rejoice that the three most sacred activities of the Lord Buddha are being remembered and celebrated once again on this years United Nations Day of Vesak.

Remembering his holy accomplishments with full devotion and generating compassion for all beings is one of the noblest offerings that we can make to the Buddha, and one of the best ways in which we can benefit the world.

It brings shining hope to our earth that, since this auspicious celebration was first held in 2000, the United Nations Day of Vesak has attracted the participation of myriad contributors from all traditions of Buddhism across the world.

The noble aim of this years gathering, a discussion on a Buddhist approach to responsible global leadership and sustainable development, is bound to bring viable solutions to the mounting problems that our world is facing.

The Buddhas teachings are a limitless source of wisdom and compassion, and in them lie the means to shape a responsible human society, committed to creating propitious conditions for all beings to live in plentiful happiness, in harmony with each other and with their environment.

May the blessings of the Buddha ever shower upon all forms of life.   

Supreme Head of the Sakyapa Order of Tibetan Buddhism,
His Holiness The Gongma Trichen

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