3.1. Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China

Chủ nhật - 12/05/2019 04:41
Most Ven. Yan Jue

For UN Vesak Day 2019

On the auspicious occasion of 16th United Nations Day of Vesak Conference which will be held in Vietnam from May 12th to 14th, 2019, on behalf of the Buddhist Association of China, I would like to extend warm congratulations and sincere wishes, and express great appreciation for the theme of the conference “Buddhist Approach to Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Sustainable Societies.

On a full moon of the 5th month in 623 BC, a new life came to this world who would exert profound influences on humanity. Twenty-nine years later, at the prime of his youth, he abandoned all the mundane glory, splendor, wealth and rank, and became a monk determinedly, with his intense aspiration to liberate from the suffering of birth, death, illness and old age. After ascetic practices over 2000 days and nights of six years, this absorbed and diligent practitioner attained full enlightenment on a full moon of another 5th month. In the following 45 years, the Awakened One, heading thousands of his disciples, kept spreading cool refreshing Dharma rain and sweet dew of wisdom to the land of the living, playing the most touching and inspiring symphonies of life with the sublime state of Nirvana on a full noon of yet another 5th month at the end of his 80-year lifespan.

A life journey of four scores was just as transient as a sea spray throughout the long stretches of human history. The influences of the fully enlightened Buddha, however, was like a flash of lightening piercing the sky, after which the multitudes cannot stand being shrouded in the darkness anymore and persist in pursuing the light ever after. We cherish the memory of the Buddha, not only because


of his determination to pursue the correct path and his attainment of full enlightenment, but also of his profound and far-reaching wisdom to penetrate the world of misery, his infinite compassion to release the unbearable pains of all sentient beings, and his vast, great practices and vows to shoulder all such sufferings.

In the past two decades, as a grand international Buddhist event, the UNDV Conference has provided a broad international platform for inheriting and carrying forward the Buddhas philosophy and promoting the exchange and mutual understanding of Buddhist cultures of different countries around the world. At the same time, it has also made a great contribution to promoting the integration of Buddhist culture into modern civilization and promoting the sustainable development of society. Herewith, I would like to extend deep thanks to Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Brahmapundit, the President of International Council for Day of Vesak, for his tireless efforts and thanks to the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha for their excellent organization of the event. I believe that the participants would make due efforts and contributions to the sustainable development and progress of human society through in-depth communication and discussion at the conference.

May the Triple Gem bless us and the conference is a complete success.

Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China
Most Ven. Yan Jue

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